The Ready to Eat Range

In addition to the great fresh produce available on this website, we also offer a wide range of cooked meats and ready to eat  products.  You’ll find the full range instore but here’s a few highlights to wet your appetite…

Pies & Pastries

Yes there here on the website but well worth a mention, especially seen as the weathers getting cooler. We make and bake all our pies here in the shop. Naturally we only use the best meats for our fillings and we don’t scrimp on them either, every pie or pastry on the counter is crammed full of fresh ingredients. Our current specialities are steak, red wine & mushroom pies. And new today we have sliced game pie with cranberries & mixed herbs.

Savoury Ducks

What on earth is a savoury duck? We get this asked quite a lot so for those of you that have often wondered here’s the answer. Originally named faggots, they appeared on dinner plates across the country as early as 1850, and rose to fame during the second world war. Traditionally they we’re made using fatty cuts of pork and all sorts of offcuts, as an affordable, ration friendly  food. Over the years the recipe has been modernised, as had the name with quality Savoury ducks now containing much less offal and considerably leaner cuts of pork.

Our home made savoury ducks are made using lean minced pork shoulder with smoked bacon, sage, breadcrumbs and a small amount of heart and liver to taste. They are most commonly served with a cooked breakfast, but are also great served warm with gravy & potatoes, and often enjoyed simply sliced as a snack.

But what about the duck? despite great research it’s still unclear why something that contains no duck, nor resembles a duck, carries the name. If you ever stumble upon the answer be sure to let us know.

Cooked Meats

We also offer traditionally cured and cooked meats, freshly sliced while you wait. Choose from roast beef, ham or turkey, available hand carved or machine sliced to your specifications. You’ll find no added water or nasties here, just great British meats, prepared the way they should be.


Our traditional chorizo sausages are imported from a Spain to ensure traditional taste & texture. Many customers comment on there authenticity have searched high & low for the genuine article.

Parma Ham

We only stock Genuine “Tanara Giancarlo” Parma ham. Matured for 18 months in the heart of Langhirano, the ancient ageing halls capture the breeze of the Parma valley, creating a process that cannot be imitated by any other means.

You’ll also find plenty more in the cooked counter, and of course we offer a great range of sauces and condiments. Come take a look, you won’t be disappointed.