Worried about meat processing techniques?

In the last few weeks several television programmes have uncovered concerning techniques used in the meat processing industry. Many of which have been developed to cut corners, & maximise profitability at a large scale.

Understandably customers have been asking if we use these same techniques. We’re proud to say we don’t! We only use traditional methods, our aim is to produce top quality produce without the nasty extras, simple as that. Cured meats such as bacon, have recently been highlighted, so in case your concerned here’s what we do…

Dry Cured Bacon 

We cure all our bacon here in the shop, here’s the process….

  • Cut British pork loins, removing all bone & any excess fat.
  • Coat the pork with a blend of traditional salts, using just 5g of salts per 100g of pork. For our black back bacon we also add some black treacle at this stage.
  • Vacuum pack the coated pork & leave to cure for 8-10 days, turning regularly.
  • Remove the pork & wash away any excess salts & juices.
  • Hang the bacon to dry in the fridge for 2-3 days.
  • Slice & enjoy!

Our bacon ribs & ham shanks are also cured using this simple process. Because no water is added, these products will never shrink when cooked, nor will your pan contain any nasty white bits. Our roast ham arrives ready cooked, We use a trusted local supplier also using traditional curing methods. 

We also make our own Sausages, black pudding, savoury ducks, pies & more. If you’d like to know how just ask instore.