Game season is underway! Once again we’ll be stocking a great range of premium quality game. All of which is sourced from a vastly experienced local supplier. The list below displays some of the most popular products, and also a variety of alternative choices from around the world. If you can’t see what your looking for, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

On rare occasions due to seasonal demand, some prices may vary. Please confirm when ordering.
Bison Tournados£6.95 each
Diced Crocodile Goulash (1kg)
£25.00 per kg
Crocodile Tail Steaks (150g)£6.75 each
Crocodile Tournados (90g)£4.00 each
Frogs Legs (1kg box)£14.00 per kg
Diced Goat Meat (500g)£17.00 per kg
Guinea Fowl (1.2kg)£8.50 each
Guinea Fowl Supremes (pack of 2)£6.95 per pack
Oven Ready Hare (1.5-2kg)£8 each
Kangaroo Rump (500g)£17.00 per kg
Kangaroo Steaks (150g)£5.00 each
Mallard Duck (600g)£6.00 each
Boneless Mallard (stuffed with apple cranberry & chestnut, wrapped with smoked streaky bacon)£6.50 each
Ostrich Steaks£5.00 each
Partridge (300g)£3.75 each
Pheasant (7-900g)£5.00 each
Boneless Pheasant (stuffed with apple cranberry & chestnut, wrapped with smoked streaky bacon)£6.50 each
Quail (4 per pack)£10.00 per pack
Boneless Quail (6 per pack)£13.50 per pack
Diced Rabbit (500g)£14.00 per kg
Whole Rabbit£6.50 each
Snails in Garlic Butter£6.95 per pack
Venison Haunch Joints£17 per kg
Venison Steaks£20 per kg
Diced Venison£14 per kg
Minced Venison (500g)£10 per kg
Wood pigeon£2.90 each
Wild Boar Steaks£18 per kg
Zebra Steaks (150g)£6 each

We stock a wide range of seasonal game instore, however to avoid disappointment we advise you pre order. Order by 10am Monday and we’ll have your order ready for collection no later than the Friday of that week. You can call us on 01244 682424 or email